Here are all notable articles and blog posts I’ve published on India’s space program, including all of its planetary missions.
India’s nascent space science endeavors to get a much needed boost.
NASA and ESA will use comprehensive deep space radiation datasets from the Artemis I mission to best protect astronauts on longer and sustained future…
Advancing our understanding of water across the Moon for exploration and science.
South Korea forays into planetary exploration, begins its ambitious lunar exploration program, and finds a collaborator in NASA.
The lunar orbiter will launch South Korea’s deep space ambitions.
NASA’s VIPER rover will have unprecedented agility for a planetary rover to closely study lunar water and other volatile resources on the Moon’s south…
South Korea is about to have its Chandrayaan 1 moment.
A CLPS special issue: NASA eyes prestigious farside Moon landing while Masten’s lunar mission is in free fall.
India’s first Moon mission discovered lunar water, and catalyzed plans by nations worldwide to further explore our cosmic neighbor.
NASA is sticking with the SLS rocket for Artemis IX and beyond. While many strongly advocate to cancel the expensive SLS program in favor of commercial…
The amount of water in the lunar mantle is critical to knowing the Moon’s origin, and with it Earth’s.