When a seemingly benign left-out hyphen in the code can demolish your rocket, a planetary spacecraft, and millions of dollars.
Australia announces its first Moon mission, NASA completes SLS rocket assembly, demonstration of technologies to extract lunar resources in sight, and โ€ฆ
For curious people from all backgrounds.
Chang'e 5 samples confirm the Moon was volcanically active 2 billion years ago, NASA passes key milestones before Artemis I launch, Airbus & Mexico teaโ€ฆ
EnVision will tell us how Earthโ€™s sister planet went from being habitable to hellish.
NASA astronauts on Moon missions will wear commercial spacesuits, China building a super heavy-lift rocket to send humans to the Moon, mapping permanenโ€ฆ
The lunar orbiter will launch South Koreaโ€™s deep space ambitions.
NASA splits human exploration efforts to focus on sustainable human presence on the Moon, selects landing site for water-mapping mission, tests for Artโ€ฆ
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