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Best of 2020

Moon Monday Issue #7

Presentation: Technical careers in space exploration as a physics graduate

Moon Monday Issue #6

Chang’e 5 landing site: Near the volcanic complex of Rümker

Moon Monday Issue #5

Talk: My journey as a space writer until 2020

Moon Monday Issue #4

Moon Monday Issue #3

Poem: Triple sunset

Moon Monday Issue #2

India’s Shukrayaan orbiter to study Venus for over four years, launches in 2024

Moon Monday Issue #1

Some Neptune tidbits

Presentation: Why aren’t we living on the Moon already?

Why explore Neptune

What SOFIA’s discovery of water on the Moon is, and isn’t

Japan wants to sample Mars’ moon Phobos with its MMX mission

Debate: Mangalyaan’s low science output still reflects on ISRO

The giant leap for humanity was not stepping on the Moon but getting to Earth orbit

Podcast appearance on NewSpace India: Outcomes of India’s Mars orbiter

Why explore asteroids, comets, and other small worlds

ISRO eyeing the entire inner solar system, welcomes academia and companies

Talk: Does India have a space exploration roadmap?

Space Research

Talk: Cosmic conversations with King Sidharth

The Moon’s potential for radio astronomy and Chang’e 4

Interviewing Chandrayaan 1’s Mission Director on India’s role in the new Moon race

NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft revealed how Mars lost its atmosphere and water

Interviewing Tory Bruno, leading the company that has launched every NASA mission to Mars

Interviewing Tory Bruno, leading the company that has launched every NASA mission to Mars

Reading menu: The Apollo Moon landings

Listen to my space podcast

The landing site of NASA Apollo 11

What got me interested in space?

Presentation: Why explore Space

Everything you need to know about SpaceX’s historic launch of NASA astronauts

Why explore Venus

Timeline for life until the end of the Universe

ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 orbiter is creating the highest resolution map of the Moon

Super Saturn – How does a planet maintain rings 200 times larger than Saturn’s?

Interview: Shrinivas Kulkarni, finder of a thousand exploding stars

Book review: Those magnificent women and their stories that must be told

Most anticipated space launches in 2020

Start the new year by realizing how insignificant we are