Sitemap - 2019 - Jatan’s Space

Interviewing neutrino-hunting particle physicist Kate Scholberg

Explainer – Why did it take so long to find the Chandrayaan 2 lander?

The most extreme planets scientists have discovered in our galaxy

First results from Voyagers, the NASA spacecraft at the edge of interstellar space

India’s Yuri Gagarin moment approaches closer, astronauts begin training for Gaganyaan in Russia

ISRO needs night survival technologies for future Moon missions and beyond

Poems: Space dreams

Chandrayaan 2’s landing failure and the road ahead

Cone-shaped material flows on the Moon

Huge, peak-ringed Apollo crater

The tiniest of impact craters [Guest post]

A peak at Hadley

The central mountain of Bullialdus and finding water on it

The crowned crater of Schrödinger

I saw a rocket launch!

Reading menu: Apollo landing sites (and candidates) and their geology

Chandrayaan 2, India’s first mission to attempt a Moon landing

Chandrayaan 2 landing site in the southern highlands

Gravity assist: The simple physics trick that’s allowed humanity to explore deep space

Facing lava on three sides – Promontorium Heraclides

Outstanding crater chains of the Orientale basin on the Moon

Is the solar system’s largest storm dying?

The dynamic terrain of Aitken crater

The Moon has wrinkles! - Dorsum Zirkel

What does a fresh crater on the Moon look like?

India’s Astrosat and NASA’s Chandra co-discover a rapidly spinning black hole

A fault on the Moon - Rupes Recta

Ghost craters on the Moon!

SpaceIL landing site and magnetic anomalies

A peek inside the Moon with Copernicus

Underground lava tubes on the Moon

Can there be a galactic empire?

Farside surprise - Mare Moscoviense and Luna 3

Mount as high as Everest! – Zeeman Mons

Glorious Aristarchus

From Hipparchus to Gaia, the story of finding our place among billions of stars

A galore of lava channels on the Moon

A wildly irregular crater on the Moon

The ancient lava channel near which Apollo 15 astronauts landed

Lava filled Gassendi crater with buried mountain bases

Y-shaped mountains on the Moon

A valley cutting through a Moon mountain

A huge multi-ring impact basin on the Moon