Interviewing Tory Bruno, leading the company that has launched every NASA mission to MarsListen now (28 min)
By Jatan Mehta, Space exploration writer, Contributing Editor for The Planetary Society and Moon evangelist. “I give public talks to inform and inspire…
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It’s been 50 years since humans landed on the Moon, so why haven’t we established a human settlement there already? The answer lies in water.
I appeared on The Planetary Society’s podcast to talk about South Korea’s first Moon mission, and how it will inspire kids and students in the country.
I was invited by Tech2/Firstpost to talk about India's space exploration roadmap, or the lack thereof. 
In this podcast episode for NewSpace India, I talk about the scope of space science missions in India and how they can be broadened in the future. We…
I was invited over by my friend and inspiration Sidharth for a livestream talk on all things space with his audience.
Physics graduates have plenty of opportunities to work at space organizations and companies as space exploration becomes popular by the day.
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