Moon Monday

Global lunar exploration, science, commercial, and policy updates every Monday.

In what seems to be a very successful Artemis I mission, NASA’s uncrewed Orion spacecraft entered its desired Distant Retrograde Orbit around our Moon…
Make no mistake, Artemis I is a monumental launch of hardware and hope.
NASA and Advanced Space’s CAPSTONE spacecraft has entered into its intended unique Near-Rectilinear Halo Orbit, which the NASA-led international Gateway…
Like forging and acting towards an ambitious goal, progress on pieces that will be part of future lunar missions intrigues and excites. Last week saw…
NASA’s Lunar Flashlight will launch alongside ispace’s Moon lander in November. And Artemis IV including a Moon landing is a much bigger deal than it…
I’ve never been more proud and happy to publish a post on the Internet, for this is the 100th edition of Moon Monday.
ispace Japan’s lunar lander and NASA’s SLS rocket aim for launch in November while scientists propose a wild new near-instant origin scenario for our…
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