Dr. Noah Petro will be the Science Lead for Artemis III, the historic mission aiming to land humans back on the Moon by mid-decade.

February 2023

A look at the armada of landers NASA is riding to the Moon this decade.
To increase the chances of sticking the landing this time around, ISRO has made several upgrades to the Chandrayaan-2-like lander such as software…

December 2022

I published 51 editions of my one-of-a-kind Moon Monday newsletter, and wrote 25+ articles on space exploration at large.
The lunar orbiter launched South Korea’s deep space ambitions.
South Korea is about to have its Chandrayaan 1 moment.
And how we’re going back like never before.
If ispace successfully lands Hakuto-R on the Moon, it will be the first private entity as well as the fourth organization in the world to achieve the…
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November 2022

NASA’s Moon rocket crawls to the launchpad; NASA’s Moon rocket just won’t move fast enough; The SLS rocket’s wet dress rehearsal comes out dry.
As we mount a series of increasingly complex Moon missions, let’s look at some past lunar mission mistakes we could learn from, from Apollo to recent…
A look at all the big and small mobile robots that will explore the lunar surface over the next five years.