Requesting the support of my readers

Keep my science communication efforts going and help me become an independent writer.

Dear readers,

I quit my job a little over a year ago to pursue a lifelong mission––spread the purpose and joy of space exploration to everyone I can. To that end, my space blogMoon sites, and all my articles are freely accessible and completely ad-free. I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I do writing them. I write this note to my readers about why your support is so important.

It takes substantial effort to write a good article. To maintain a proper blog with detailed articles across multiple topics is an even bigger effort than the sum of its parts. Currently, I can cover only site maintenance costs thanks to my paid supporters and take home a small remainder amount. If you like my work, it would mean the Moon to me if you helped keep me going.

Why not ads or publications?

Those are indeed common ways to make a living as a science writer, but both have major caveats.

  • Ads are distracting, evil when in the form of tracking ads, and create wrong incentives for publishers. This results in publishers prioritizing ad viewing over content, which not only affects content quality but also frustrates readers. It will never be worth slapping ads on my blog, period.

  • Writing for media publications is the most common way to earn as a freelance writer and that’s what I do. While it has its benefits and some publications are awesome, it’s still at the cost of independent writing since publications filter content to their preferences, goals and whims. Basically, you cannot just write on a topic because you find it important or cool. Consider further that most publications earn from ads or corporate sponsors which solves nothing fundamentally.

I’d love to publish more content that isn’t done for media publications. In essence, an independent publication is no different than an independent writer anyway. I thus strongly believe that only direct funding from readers can sustain independent, high-quality and consistent content creation. If you like my work, help me become an independent writer. 🚀


If you already support me, thank you so much! Since you like my work, it’d be great if you could share it with others who might like it too. 🙂