Congratulations to India 🇮🇳 for becoming a protagonist of our return to the Moon 🌖 and our ascent to the stars!

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Awesome to watch this morning.

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Aug 23·edited Aug 23

Nice! So the CHandrayaan-3 added it's own last km propulsion control capability, per the HT full page graphic, compared to Chandrayaan 2? This way it could adaptively overcome trajectory errors up to the last moment?

The fact that the propulsion module (ditched by Chandrayaan 3 on Aug 17) STILL had ~150kg of fuel shows that cumulative trajectory errors can and do pile up! But this time the margin of fuel was way in excess! OMG. The "margin of fuel" wasted is an excellent and unexpected quality metric for the present mission! Further trips will prob trim that down as experience is gained! Great stuff.

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