💫 Astrophysics

The spectrum says it all.

India’s Astrosat and NASA’s Chandra co-discover a rapidly spinning black hole

How to determine how fast a black hole is spinning? Its X-ray outbursts will tell you.

From Hipparchus to Gaia, the story of finding our place among billions of stars

Although astrometry is over 2,200 years old, it wasn't until 1807 when we truly realized just how far away stars really were.

Interview: Shrinivas Kulkarni, finder of a thousand exploding stars

The creator of the renowned Palomar Transient Factory survey speaks about the unique value small telescopes have to offer in the age of billion-dollar instruments.

The most extreme planets scientists have discovered in our galaxy

The discovery of these exoplanets defied what scientists considered possible.

First results from Voyagers, the NASA spacecraft at the edge of interstellar space

The twin Voyagers' observations have given us our first glimpse of what the space between stars is like.

Are the Universe's smallest stars promising places for life?

When all sun-like stars die in few tens of billion years, planets orbiting red dwarf stars might be the only options for life to take root on.

Solar system history 101

From the birth of the planets, moons and space rocks to how things are now.

Timeline for life until the end of the Universe

What does life need to do to survive till the end of stars in the Universe?

The Moon’s potential for radio astronomy and Chang’e 4

The lunar farside is uniquely placed for better observing the radio Universe.

Super Saturn – How does a planet maintain rings 200 times larger than Saturn’s?

Can such a massive ring system even exist?

Interviewing neutrino-hunting particle physicist Kate Scholberg

A peek into the efforts to detect particles from exploding stars!

Space science missions ISRO will launch in the near future

India's nascent space science program to get a much needed boost.

Where does India’s first exoplanet discovery fit in?

K2–236b was discovered through a global, collaborative effort and can’t be celebrated as a completely indigenous one.

Start the new year by realizing how insignificant we are

A size comparison of Earth to everything else in the Universe.


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