NASA has changed the target landing site for Astrobotic’s first Moon lander from a northeastern lava plain to near the Gruithuisen volcanic domes in the northwest.
For such a critical mission, it’s frustrating to see ISRO not even have a one-pager on their website.
Introducing the world’s only newsletter dedicated to covering all of Indian space.
Formal disclaimers regarding the ethical standards of my space writings at large.
While NASA has already selected the technology stack to be used for the historic return of humans to the Moon with Artemis III, the science end is now…
I occasionally write verses on space to attempt to capture the sheer intensity of emotions the wonders of our Universe evoke, as does our commitment to…
JAXA and ISRO are pressing ahead with their joint rover mission to study water ice on the Moon’s south pole.
Thanks to the ultra-sensitive ShadowCam instrument, South Korea’s KPLO lunar orbiter now enables meticulously planning resource prospecting missions…
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